Fishing for Info

What do fish, shellfish and seaweed have in common? They are all produced by Canadian farmers in Canadian waters!

Fishing for Info is part of Aquaculture: Farming the Waters, an exhibition presented at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum.

Browse the site to discover fun facts about the fish, shellfish, and seaweed species produced on Canadian farms. Find out where seaweed is hiding in your home, how researchers and farmers are making fish farming more sustainable, and much more!  


Atlantic salmon is not the only fish farmed in Canada, and not all fish farms are found on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. Here are some of the most popular fish species among Canadian farmers, as well as some lesser-known newcomers.


Mussels and oysters are by far the most popular shellfish raised in Canada. However, Canadian farmers also produce clams, scallops and geoducks (“gooey ducks”).


Seaweeds are large, plant-like forms of algae that live in water. They have been farmed for millennia in Asia, where the seaweed industry remains massive to this day. Seaweed farming has also taken hold in Canada. Many foods and household products contain seaweed. In fact, you have probably consumed seaweed in some form today!

Sustainability for the Future

Creating a sustainable future for aquaculture is a group effort. Farmers and researchers are creating new technologies and establishing new practices, while consumers can make decisions at the grocery store to support a brighter future for aquaculture.